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CO2 Laser Cutting

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Hanniu Laser 1325

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ENGRAVING & CUTTING AREA                    1300*2500 MM
TUBE TYPE                                                         Co2, SEALED GLASS LASER TUBE
LASER POWER                                                  150 WATT
COOLING TYPE                                                 WATER COOLING
ENGRAVING SPEED                                         0-6.000 MM/MIN
CUTTING SPEED                                               0-40.000 MM/MIN
REPOSITION ACCURARY                               0.01 MM
MINIMUM CHARACTER SIZE                         ENGLISH : 1MM*1MM
                                                                                ARABIC NUMBERS : 1MM*1MM
RESOLUTION                                                     4000 DPI
MACHINE POWER                                             <3000 W
SEPARATION CUTTING                                  YES
SUPPORT FORMAT                                         PLT, DST, DXF, DWG, CDR, AI ETC
SUPPORT SOFTWARE                                   COREL DRAW, AUTOCAD
ENVIRONMENT TEMPERATURE                  0-45C, 55-95% FREE OF
                                                                                CONDENSED WATER
CONTROL SYSTEM                                          DSP OFFLINE CONTROL SYSTEM
WORKING VOLTAGE                                       220V / 50HZ
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